So it begins…

Hi. I’m Laura. I’m terrible at introductions, but I figured that it’s time to get this blog started. I live in Queensland, Australia and have done so all my life. I’m currently a specialist teacher with four years experience across a range of upper primary and lower secondary subjects. I’m hoping to move to subbing next school year with the aim of getting back to the classroom proper. I have a background in educational, developmental and organisational psychology. I enjoy teaching maths and Australian History.

I’m perpetually curious. I’m an overthinker extraordinaire. I think fast, talk fast and get bored very easily. I’m an introvert that loves an audience (as long as I know them). I love to do lists. I’m an ideas person, but I have terrible time management. I’m also an utter perfectionist which just adds to that time management issue.

I am a dedicated Harry Potter fan (Ravenclaw represent). I have fabulous taste in music. I love books and movies of questionable literary value (yes, this includes middle grades and YA fiction). Books, movies and music from my childhood are a sure way to win my heart. I love sushi, burritos, smoked salmon and hot chips. I love winter and the rain.

Now that you know more about me than you ever really wanted to know, we’re practically friends and you can say, Laura, why the blog?

I’m glad you asked. I have a built-in, never-ending need to share. I like to share what worked for me, the ways I do things (and, you know, the ways that I would have done things if circumstances didn’t conspire against me), my minor successes and, ahem, failures and ways around them. I create products on Teachers Pay Teachers, but wait before you leave – I’m not going to use this blog solely to peddle my products because a) if you wanted that, you’d visit my shop (hey, and here’s my shop) and b) I’m just not that good a salesperson. Sometimes my products solve a problem I’m having or I’m just generally chuffed with them and I want to show them off like a proud parent. I intend there to be plenty of other stuff too…because it’s interesting (and also, I’m quite slow at making resources…time management issues again).

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